TXC Realty offers support you needs and deserve to buy or sell your home.

We can provide, manage and assist with the following:

  • Free rental locator service
  • Residential listings and sales
  • Land and lot listings and sale
  • Leasing
  • Property management
  • Homeowner association management
  • Buyer checklist
  • Seller checklist
  • Closing process and explanation of HUD-1
  • Settlement Statement

Advanced Real Estate Internet Marketing

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Leasing and Property Management

Owning rental properties has helped millions to diversify their investment portfolios while building long-term wealth, but managing those properties can take the fun out of the profits. That’s why TXC Realty has expanded our services to include leasing and property management for area property owners.

HOA Management

Homeowner association management offers tremendous advantage to volunteer based organizations. No matter what the nature of a volunteer based membership organization there are only three ways to get things done:

  1. Delegate all functions to volunteers
  2. Hire a fill time staff
  3. Or, lift the burden from volunteers and forgo the expense of full-time staff by contracting with TXC Realty to handle all your HOA duties.