Real Estate Listings and Sales

Helping area buyers and sellers with the successful transfer of home ownership is, of course, at the heart of TXC Realty’s business.

We believe well-informed consumers make better, happier choices, so we’ve filled our website with area information links, buyer and seller checklists, definitions, FAQs, blogs, an advanced home search function, and educational articles to help home buyers and home sellers become familiar with the process.


Qualifying for a Loan

The loan qualification process can be a daunting task. That is why TXC Realty has teamed up with an experienced mortgage lender who will:

  • Work with you to find the best available rates and down payment assistance plans.
  • Assist in determining which type of loan works best for you.
  • Ensure monthly payments are within your budget.

For those requiring credit repair for financing eligibility, we partnered with a credit repair specialist who will work with you to get your credit on track to ensure that you qualify for the best loan at the lowest interest rate possible.