It is definitely a zoo out there. This story is just too good not to share.
This one happened to Heather Dunlap, one of the agents here at Texas Crosswinds Realty Inc.

A client called regarding pricing and the qualifying process on one of our rental properties. After a lengthy conversation about criminal back ground check and rental history etc., Heather finally advised them to come up to the office and fill out an application. Heather said “unfortunately we cannot qualify you over the phone”.
About an hour later, the young lady walks in the office and introduces herself. Heather provided her with a rental application and she started filling it out. When she gets to DL# she says “I’ll be right back”. She runs outside and gets it from the man that was in the grassy area by the street. Oops now it wants social security #, “I’ll be right back”. Awe Date of birth… “I’ll be right back” Finally Heather says “Ma’am, he is welcome to come in and help you complete the application so you don’t have to keep going outside.
She replies “He can’t because if he steps off of that curb his ankle bracelet will go off and he will be arrested”
Really? You are willing to pay an application fee and go through the entire process of qualifying but you managed t0 omit that little tidbit of information.

Posted by: texascrosswinds on July 29, 2015
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