Everyone knows that leasing season in AGGIELAND can be trying. Today I had 3 young ladies who were referred to me by someone I just leased one of our rentals to. By the way THANKS for the REFERRALS.

As it turns out we have leased all the homes we manage on this particular street. The three young ladies really wanted on this particular street so I searched and found them an available unit that I could show them, however it would not be managed by Texas Crosswinds Realty Inc.

I contacted the managing company, obtained a key and was provided a phone number in which I was to contact the current resident. I called the current resident three times yesterday and got no answer and no machine in which to leave a message. This morning I called the managing agent back and they looked for a different number. The only number they had was the one I was dialing.

I arrive and my clients arrive right behind me. We approached and I knocked, introduced myself to the young man and told him that I would like to show the unit. Great he says “come on in” as my clients and I enter this whirlwind of a girl comes flying down the hall ” I am sick of this, you Realtors never call before you come” I explained that I had called and I verified that I had a correct number.

My clients were backing out the door and apologizing. The resident shut the door on my clients and said. “wait outside while I talk to this WOMAN”. The woman was me. She began screaming and shaking her cell phone. I apologized and told her that I had called as I respected her home and privacy. I said” this is not a problem, I will just show another unit’

She was so loud and ridiculous that the neighbor heard all this and invited me and my clients into her home to have a quick look. It turned out well but I am just not sure why people feel the need to act like this! Folks we are just doing a job and with all due respect we are just as uncomfortable in your home as you are to have a total stranger there.

Unfortunately in COLLEGE STATION TEXAS we begin in February pre leasing for August. Please read your lease and understand that when you turn in an official notice to vacate the Owner/Manager has a right to start showing the home that you lease. If you feel this strongly about people in your home you should consider buying a home and this will not happen.
I am so appreciative for referrals and understanding clients and neighbors that do work with you on days like this.

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